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Professional Parallel Play and Deaf Children: Modeling over Video Home Visits with Families

This website is designed for Early Interventionists who work with Families that have children identified with varying hearing levels in a virtual setting. This is a one stop shop to understand how to get started and grow in your online practice, whether you are a veteran to online services or a recent graduate: we are all on this journey together to support families near and far support their Deaf* child.

Note: All videos are presented in English Voice, Captioned in English, with downloadable transcript in a link below each video. All videos are also interpreted in ASL, in addition Videos Four and Five have Cued Language Transliteration in English.

*"Deaf" on this website refers to any child with any identified hearing level difference which includes but is not limited to-Unilateral Differences in Hearing of either ear, Bilateral Differences, Deaf-Blind, Deaf-Disabled, Deaf Plus, Atresia/Microtia, Conductive Differences, Mixed Differences and/or Auditory Neuropathy as defined under Part C of IDEA

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